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About Dr. Bryan C. Siegel

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Dr. Bryan C. Siegel and I created this site to offer you direct evidence and hope for a PAIN-FREE life from back and neck problems as well as all of the issues which commonly arise as a result of those issues. I take pride in being an excellent listener, doctor and healer; I am passionate about helping all of my patients get OUT OF PAIN and achieve their goals. 
I understand that many people are scared of and want to avoid drugs, needles, manipulation and surgery! Well let me assure you that there are other highly effective ways to work with you that do not involve those particular methods... you have nothing to be scared about. 
As a former back pain sufferer, for over 21 years, I have personally been through it all (except surgery!). I had debilitating back pain for years and despite trying all of the most common and popular methods to feel normal again. Well, nothing worked for more than a few days, then it was back to the usual horrible back pain.
I consider it nothing less than a miracle when I found out about a different approach which changed my life! Since then I was trained in these specialized methods and have offered this care to my back pain patients throughout my career. This is why I am so passionate about working with clients.... I know that if my exam findings indicates that you are a good candidate for my methods. the likelihood of success is very high.  Come find out why my methods have changed so many lives for the better and how yours can as well!

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Patti's Back Pain Relief Story

What's Different About Us?

The reason my approach works so well is because it's based on basic & applied principles of human anatomy and body mechanics, which are almost always overlooked and ignored by the mainstream medical community and even many in the natural healing arts. In my opinion, there is no other treatment available that makes as much sense; while there are many treatments which can help with pain, in general, they don't deal with underlying muscle imbalances, which 9 out of 10 times is the real issue. These imbalances frequently lead to disc and arthritic problems as well as problems in other regions of the body such as the shoulders, neck and head (headaches, pain and fatique)... due to compensatory changes.

Make the decision today to get out of pain and enjoy your life again!

Relief or you can stay in pain..... what direction will you choose for your life?

Isn't it true that your health affects everything you do & everyone you know ?

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