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During my 26 years in practice I have learned, studied, analyzed and applied many major healing systems. Having merged what I believe to be the best of the best of each of these systems into my own unique system, I believe that I have developed a distinct therapeutic approach for resolving most, if not all, neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, arm problems...etc. 

The reasons for most of the pain that one will ever experience:

By addressing the deep, overly contracted muscles and soft tissues, the implosive effects upon the long bones and ribcage from older unresolved injuries and the imbalanced aspects of joint friction and disc compression, we have enjoyed a high success rate in putting these problems to an end. It has been my clinical experience that the effectiveness of this integrative system cannot be reproduced by any of the other traditional forms of therapy such as spinal manipulation, physical therapy, yoga, acupuncture, stretching, massage, drugs, or surgery. It is truly unique and powerful. It is now available in Scottsdale, AZ for the first time and you can experience the effectiveness of this remarkable therapy. You won't be disappointed.

Nerve Thermography 

Our nerve thermography instrument, which works like a thermometer because it measures temperature differentials on both sides of the back and neck. This allows us to detect specific areas at fault which may be causing your acute or chronic pain. We don't guess, we test.

Finding Areas Of Imbalance and Injury

With the use of our PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology, we are able to trace electrical movement throughout the body, finding the exact areas responsible for imbalances that are likely leading to strain, stress and pain in the neck and lower back.

Detecting imbalances in the feet and legs become a key aspect to remove strain, pressure and irritation off the back, neck and head.

              FDA Registered Laser Technology 
                  For Pain Problems

With the use of one of the most sophisticated lasers on the market today, we are able to use our cold laser technology to target and bring calmness back to the nerves and other involved body zones that have been causing your pain. Our laser dials in specific frequencies which means quicker and longer lasting results for you.

Neuro-Vibrational Therapeutics

Restoring proper feedback sensitivity to the muscle feedback nerves which connect with the brain in order to release deep muscle contractions. Deep muscle contractions compress nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic structures as well as joints and discs. 

*Despite what is commonly thought and promoted, traditional muscle therapy methods fail to reactivate the feedback sensitivity loops required for correction and long term stability*

Neuro-Structural Repatterning 

Releasing areas of deep impacted stress, which act to block electrical circuits, in the long bones, ribcage and skull from previous traumas and injuries.
When the long bones and ribcage hold implosive stresses it causes the rest of the body to shift into compensatory patterns; this leads to muscles becoming tighter which can then lead to acute and/or chronic pain.

Dynamic X-ray Studies

There are times, depending upon what we find in your consultation, history and examination/analysis which might call for Digital X-ray Analysis. We don't always need to perform this study, however, if indicated, it becomes a useful piece of information in solving your problems.
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