To Locate The Sources Of What Is Causing Your Back Pain Problems & Correct It Without Drugs, Needles, Manipulation or Surgery!

"It was obvious to see how well versed and experienced Dr. Siegel was back pain problems. I felt comfortable and well taken care of; anyone who has pain should absolutely see him."
- Mark Rosenberg    Scottsdale, AZ


How Problems Develop

There are over 640 muscles in the human body, designed to work in synchronicity to provide pain free ease and efficiency of motion. Cutting edge Muscle Re-balancing therapy detects & corrects the underlying cause of new and older back and neck problems. Once we determine which groups of muscles are imbalanced, we will show you how to get back to a pain free, healthy and active lifestyle.  All without drugs or surgery.

Pain is the result of a condition that has been established (herniated disc, arthritis, spinal stenosis, scar tissue and muscle adhesions, etc).  Conditions develop due to muscle imbalances which have become chronic and cause dysfunction to the body's frame over a period of time (similar to the wheel alignment on your car being off-center, excessive wear and tear becomes evident).  The time for treatment is when the muscles become imbalanced; however, in our society, people are taught to ignore subtle clues and changes until obvious pain comes about, usually stopping you in your tracks!  When pain becomes this severe, often the underlying tissues have sustained a great amount of damage and strain.  It is only with time and corrective treatment that great, long last results can come about.  We make is easy for our patients to achieve a pain free state due to our insight and technology.