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"It was obvious to see how well versed and experienced Dr. Siegel was with these problems. I felt comfortable and well taken care of; anyone who has pain should absolutely see him."
- Mark Rugierio Phoenix, AZ

"Knowing that my pain problems could be handled by techniques which didn't involve needles, drugs or surgery put me at ease. After taking the treatment, it was obvious that my pain was disappearing with no relapses. An excellent doctor for sure!"
- Meredith Kralow Chandler, AZ

"My day became consumed with when I could take my next pain pill to get some relief, watching the clock. Different parts of my back and neck started to ache and burn and I found myself unable to walk like I once did. I was dreading that this was going to be permanent and was so scared. After getting properly evaluated by Dr. Siegel, I have taken treatment and found great relief and changes in my walking ability. I'm forever grateful!"
- Dave Rogers, Peoria, AZ

Thru the years I have sustained many neck and back injuries thru various athletic activities: wrestling, distance running, rock climbing, skiing, & martial arts. I have seen physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists, none of which provided long lasting relief. There came a point where I thought I was going to suffer in perpetuity.

After being referred to Dr. Siegel, I was a bit skeptical... but was willing to try anything. The night before my first visit, my neck seized several times. After my first visit, the muscle seizing stop immediately. I have been seeing Dr. Siegel for six weeks now, and must say the results have been nothing short of a miracle. I’m on my way to a full recovery and have been telling everyone I know.

Simply, his approach to pain relief works!


- Joseph Ochoa Scottsdale, AZ

I have had 4 major spinal surgeries, the first in 1961 and the last, a thoracic reconstruction, in 1995. I have suffered from varying degrees of pain for most of my life. In 2003 I was in an accident, which left me unable to work or even climb the stairs to my second floor condo.

The pain left me homebound, my mobility had been greatly reduced and any amount of walking would trigger great pain. I have tried all types of pain management including, acupuncture, injections, physical therapy, massage, a variety of medications, chiropractic adjustments and more. The most was very temporary relief.

I was referred to Dr. Siegel, however, being quite skeptical, I put the appointment off for some time; I finally went ahead with the consultation. Despite still being skeptical, i decided to go try Dr. Siegel's approach. After the initial session i had significant improvement in my pain levels and it lasted. There was continued improvement after each subsequent session.

I have not felt this good in 12 years. My mobility has increased, i can get out of the house and do things again without discomfort; for me, this treatment has been nothing short of a miracle.

I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Siegel to anyone, it is an amazing approach.

thank you,

- Rick Cebalt - Scottsdale, AZ

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